Bird Box vs. A Quiet Place

Bird Box or A Quiet Place?

Words of Destiny

Hi again, loveliest loves in the land! I hope you have been well. Been taking care of yourself? Drinking enough water? Making sure to rest? Good, I’m so glad to hear it!

So, for this post I decided to step into debate world. *gasps* I know, I know, it’s a risky step! The question at hand: which is the superior film, A Quiet Place or Bird Box? Now that I’ve had the pleasure of watching both, I’m ready to dive into this dark abyss.

Fright Factor

Let’s start with the predictable bit, which film is more frightening. Navigating through a hellish world with no sight or an inability to make sound? Now, while this really comes down to one’s personal fears, I argue the latter.

While not being able to see where you’re going sounds like a total pain in the ass, I think it’s a much easier issue to…

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HERE: a 1k word story

I planned to just ditch her out there, ya know.

Leave her in the snow to think about what she’d done. For how she’d embarrassed me. How she’d wronged me. How she’d CHEATED.

I didn’t want to confront her. Didn’t expect her to confess. I was just going to leave her in the freezing cold.

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Flash Review | Drops of Cerulean

Fine Point Scribbles

Spanning the years 1930–2014, Drops of Cerulean chronicles the lives of Ilona, the daughter of a Greek restaurateur, who marries into a prominent Houston family; her son, Cadmus, who becomes a professor and then moves into a retirement home after his husband passes away; and Delphina, an anxiety-ridden woman with a mysterious recurring dream. 

Ilona and Cadmus have a falling out when Cadmus is a young man, and before they are able to reconcile, Ilona dies. Cadmus is plagued with guilt and feels responsible for the death of his mother. Two worlds collide when, years later, Delphina comes to understand that she had been Ilona, Cadmus’s mother, in her previous life. Well written and engaging,Drops of Ceruleandeals with topics such as socioeconomic class, LGBT rights and acceptance, rebirth, and past-life regression.

Set in Houston and revolving around the city’s ever-changing skyline, Drops of Cerulean is an amazing debut…

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TV shows of 2018

Before we get started, let me be clear that this is a list of tv shows that I started watching (for the first time) in 2018. Some of these will be old-hella old, but they are new to me. So, the greats like The Walking Dead, Westworld, Superstore etc. won’t make this list, maybe down the road I’ll make an all-time list or something like that. But this needed to get out, because I’ve got to stop watching so much damn tv. Here’s your answer to why I didn’t publish any books last year. Anyways, let’s get started. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

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A Love Letter to Storytelling ~ Imperfect Girl

Message to all writers

We as writers, as creators are fragile creatures.

We often are mentally set apart because our minds venture far away from the status quo whether that be the American dream of working until our hard labors bear moderate fruit or the Japanese ideal of being a respectable and productive member of society. We are divided from the world by our imaginations and our need to share the worlds in a bid to give meaning to what makes us different and most importantly, share what we love.

We want to make everyone feel what we feel.

Some of us have it come easily. Some of us can’t quite grasp it. All of us work tirelessly until our eyes are stressed by the fluorescent lights and our wrists are crippled by carpal tunnel. Some of us get there. Some of us are still trying. None of us ever stop.

However, we all…

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Kindness: is it dead?

Words of Destiny

Hi, lovelies! Welcome to week one of my words and ranting, so glad you decided to pop by! Before we jump in, allow me to give you a fair heads up on a few things:

  • I am a die-hard supporter of the LGBTQ community as I myself live by the B. If this bothers you, I ask that you head ‘em up and move on out!
  • I use far too many exclamations marks, sorry not sorry!!
  • I am a lover not a fighter, unless I see someone being mistreated, in which case, I WILL summon my inner tigress and lay you out. Got it? Good. Let’s be nice here guys.

Sweet! With that out of the way, let’s get this show on the road, eh? 🙂

So, I spent some time thinking on where to start, given the list of topics I aim to cover on my page. Almost instantly…

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