The Fluff King

-here’s a fun story I did back in 2014 (in one sitting) for my friend’s daughter. Enjoy 🙂

Brielle was dreaming of Unicorns, Pancakes, and Pink Spaceships when her mother’s holler pulled her into reality. It was morning and time for breakfast. The six-year-old was usually a storm of energy but this particular morning, she towed herself out of bed and down the steps toward the dining room table. Her teddy bear, Fluff King, tagged along as always. Two years of worn out cotton-booty dragged on the floor, while the armpit of the Fluff King started to tear; the left arm limb was significantly longer than the right.

Brielle arrived at the table with a slight smirk assuming it’d be cereal awaiting her, but the assumption was wrong. It was vegetables, lots of it; spinach, broccoli, carrots and green beans.

“You hate me, don’t you?” Brielle had a mouth on her. Her mother Ashley laughed, sat down next to her and began her plate of the same thing. “I want cereal. I don’t like vegetables.”

“You want to grow up to be big and strong, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but…” Brielle whined, still with a powerful grip on the helpless teddy bear’s arm.

“And you want to be able to protect Mommy, don’t you?”

“And Fluff King.”

“Yes, Mommy and Fluff King.” Ashley Smiled and took a sip of her Orange Juice.

“Yes.” Brielle’s tone changed, and she dropped her stuffed animal to the ground. “I’ll eat them all, mommy, so I can be big and strong and protect you and the King. But I can’t promise you I’m gonna like it.”

Ashley burst into laughter. Orange juice flew out of her mouth and sauced her broccoli. “You crazy girl.”

An hour later, Mom cleaned the kitchen while Brielle flipped through channels for something to watch. “Keep it on one channel, little girl,” Ashley yelled from the kitchen but Brielle continued to surf. Breaking news was on each station. All fifty or so channels of nothing but news. Brielle was annoyed and so was her mom. Ashley stormed from the kitchen with a stomp that Brielle usually ran from, but there was a bang on the door that stopped her.

Ashley went to the door, opened it and a lifeless body fell into the home. Her scream finally stopped Brielle’s channel hopping. She tried to slam the door, but the body was heavy and wide. Her mind was gone, terror made its way into the brain and she trembled as she pushed the unknown, bloody corpse with her foot. She finally got it out of the doorway when Brielle walked up with the one and a half-armed Fluff King. Brielle’s silence was a foreign thing in the household, but Ashley moved her attention to the channel Brielle left it on. Zombie Apocalypse! was the headline with a burning city in the background, her city.

Ashley and Brielle packed their things and hit the road to her husband’s office. They made it twenty miles out of town with no problem, thanks to secret backroads, but the gas tank was low. She pushed it as far as she could before stopping on the side of the road near a convenient store.

When they exited the car, they brought the attention of a zombie crowd and they sprinted for the store as fast as Fluff King allowed. Brielle couldn’t keep up, so Ashley picked her up and pushed hard for the doors. A young security guard came out and led them in, and threw canned foods at the creatures attacking the mother and daughter.

Ashley and Brielle were home free with the help of the stranger, but Ashley tripped on the sidewalk curb in front of the small store and fell to the ground; she protected her daughter’s frail body and fell underneath her. The security guard helped them up, dry tears and sweat pasting his face.

Once they made it inside, Brielle pulled on to Fluff King’s arm for a hug, but there was no Fluff King, his arm had detached. “Nooo!” she screamed and ran back to the front.

Ashley tried to stop her but she was too banged up and weak to work her muscles. Through the windows, Fluff King was on the sidewalk outside of the locked convenient store. “Your majesty!” She rushed the door but the security guard grabbed her. “We have to save the King,” she pled, but the guard wouldn’t let her. She cried and cried and stuck her hand out to, somehow, magically reel her king through the glass door and into her arms.

Then, a zombie crept to the sidewalk with his loose skin, and bloody limb; he was losing an arm just like the Fluff King. The creature picked up the stuffed teddy bear and crammed it into his oversized, torn mouth and chomped and chomped until royal cotton was everywhere; on him, on the sidewalk, some even spewed onto the glass windows.

Brielle didn’t cry, she just backed away from the security guard and looked at the can in his hand. It was a can of mixed vegetables; carrots, broccoli and green beans. She snatched it out of the guard’s hand, popped it open with the handle on top and swallowed the juices, the veggies, all of it until the can was empty.

“What are you doing, little girl?” the guard asked.

Brielle rolled up her sleeves, flexed her muscles and said “Move out of my damn way.”

-M. Sydnor Jr., 2014 Copyright © 2019

3 thoughts

  1. Nice short story! I was rooting for fluff king, he reminds me of my bunny Ronnie lol. I like your approach to get kids to eat veggies!


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