Month: February 2019

The Table

A quick little something I had to flush from my brain. This was a fun write. 🙂 “The Table” “This was a bad idea.” He finished buttoning his shirt as he walked up to the door; hand in hand with his girl.  “You think,”…

Episode 2: Sapa-tu-nee part one

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Soundtracks for writing

Almost like coffee, music is a must when I’m writing (well, for me it is). Mood Music! It could be calming music or EPIC!, but no matter what I’m writing or how I’m feeling, one thing’s for sure is my writing music has little-to-no lyrics….

Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

Originally posted on The Relationship Corner:
The New Year has arrived, a time when we start again.? Contemplating the changes we would like to make, some as a result of over indulging during the Christmas period, others with the intention of improving ourselves or…

Eppur Si Muove

It’s always utterly silent here… I’ve traveled cluster to cluster, galaxy to galaxy, system to system, but this is my most cherished pocket of time, of space. Young and nubile. Hard to imagine she is mere trillions old and yet I cannot imagine her…


The new house brought a smile to her face. A mien that had been drowning in sorrow for months. Eyes that were more wet than dry. A walk that was more drag than swag. But, Alicia had reason to smile now. This new house—not…

Catching Big Bad

Originally posted on Jodi Jensen Writes:
***For anyone who listened to the podcast on ‘Constructing the Novel” this was actually one of the homework assignments from when I took that class. A fun new take on catching the big bad wolf. Enjoy!*** Big Bad…