Inside a Writer’s Mind: First Book Blues

Another gem by Destiny

Words of Destiny

Greetings, my fair lovelies! I hope the past week has treated you well, that you found something new to smile about, and you got all the hugs your little heart desired!

For this week’s post, I figured it was about time to bring up the elephant in the room.


(Painting by Jen Callahan)

I…I like to write. *gasps* Shocker, right? Yeah, yeah, you already knew. You mind reader, you! Well, how about we go deeper then? How about we talk about…first manuscripts? *gasps again* Mind you, I’m no writing genius and can openly say that grammar is ever the thorn in my side, but who knows! Maybe there is a tiny nugget of encouragement you can pull away from this. If not, I hope you at least get a smile out of it.

When I started drafting my first novel, I thought it was gonna be easy. That’s right, I…

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