Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

“If we need a resolution it should be to enjoy every moment for what it is: another step in our journey of life, another bite into what we have left. I mean that in a positive way:, our time is not eternal and should be used in the best possible way.”

The Relationship Corner

The New
Year has arrived, a time when we start again.
Contemplating the changes we would like to make, some as a result of
over indulging during the Christmas period, others with the intention of improving
ourselves or our surroundings. We step
into another year saying ‘out with the old and in with the new.’

It is impressive
that we believe changes can be made from one day to the next: New Year’s Eve to
New Year’s day; 2018 to 2019. Just one
day; in fact if I was to be pedantic, it’s just one second.

No matter
how much advice is given on how to stick with our resolutions this year, we
still manage not to see them through. It
saddens me to think that so many of us are setting ourselves up to fail and
when this happens, some will punish themselves while others will accept that

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