Soundtracks for writing

Almost like coffee, music is a must when I’m writing (well, for me it is). Mood Music! It could be calming music or EPIC!, but no matter what I’m writing or how I’m feeling, one thing’s for sure is my writing music has little-to-no lyrics. It’s about the music, the instruments, and my story is the lyrics. Cheesy, no? And I’m a creature of habit, I find something/someone I like, I stick with it. So, one or two of these composers will make an appearance on this list more than once.


My top ten favorite soundtracks to listen to while I’m writing is the official long-ass title to this top-ten segment. So let’s get started.

10. Honorable Mention, Albums/Playlists
-808’s & Heartbreak, Kanye West
-I Love You, Dude, Digitalism
-Random Access Memories, Daft Punk
-2014 Forest Hills Drive, J. Cole
-San Halo playlist

9. The Lord of the Rings, Howard Shore

8. The Social Network, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

7. Star Trek (2009), Michael Giacchino

6. Super 8, Michael Giacchino

5. Lost (season 1), Michael Giacchino

4. Game of Thrones (season 1), Ramin Djawadi

3. Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk

2. Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer

1. Interstellar, Hans Zimmer


-M. Sydnor Jr.

3 thoughts

  1. Great post! I am the same way with music and writing, but only sometimes. There are times when I am writing a poem and I want to mix the feeling of music to the poem, and then there are times when I need silence.

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  2. Yeah music is ever present while I write. Don’t know if I write to make the music better or the music makes me enjoy the writing more.
    Since a few years, I’ve walked away from lyrics and never heard any of your’s recommendations. Only heard Trent Reznor.
    Mine’s are:
    G. F. Haendel
    J. S. Bach
    Fila Brazillia
    Smooth Genestar

    >One Love<



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