Month: March 2019


Hey, guys. Here’s a short story I did for a 1k word Halloween challenge back in 2012. I touched it up a bit, but this is one of my favorites. Enjoy. 🙂 Once upon a bumpy road, there was a van swallowed by darkness….

a melancholy song

Originally posted on The Lonely Author:
a melancholy song outside my window a bird sang a melancholy song of infinite beauty and endless love her lyrics resonated like a gentle percussion of bubbles popping in the recesses of my bones she serenaded me you…

Trippin Over the Hill (Over 30 Book Tag)

Here’s a little thing I did today in Lieu of having content for you guys! Hope its somewhat entertaining and gives you a bit of insight about… um.. why I’m weird. Yep :3

The Gold Hole in the Green Sea

The last of his cattle died this morning. Food would be gone by the end of the week. No money. No transportation. Times were tough. Hell, times were shit. The last bit of milk fed the baby, she’d been hollering all morning. It was…

Fantasy/Mythical Creatures

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I love me some top 10 lists. Outside of friends and family, I rank everything. And the latest addition will be fantasy creatures/monsters. IMO, if you are a sci-fi/fantasy writer (which I am), you must have some knowledge…

Why Banning Book Buying Just Isn’t Working For Me

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I’ve made a bajillion self-deprecating jokes about how I can’t be contained, about how poor my self control is, about how much money I spend on books, and … all of that is true. I…

Episode 3: Sapa-tu-nee part two

read Episode 1, Episode 2 Episode 3: Sapa-tu-nee part two written by Jodi Jensen / follow her on wordpress, twitter & facebook