Obliteration, Part One: City on Fire

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Another gem by Jodi Jensen

Jodi Jensen Writes

Abby stood on her
tiptoes and craned her neck to see through the cluster of soldiers riding down
the escalator. “Lance!” She jumped up and down, waving her arms the second she
spotted his face. She wanted to get closer, but the waiting area was packed with
the families of the other soldiers.

eyes met hers and he grinned as he hoisted his bag higher on his shoulder.

stepped back, out of the crowd, and let him come to her. It’d been a year since
they’d seen each other, but he hadn’t changed a bit. She, on the other hand,
was sporting a drastically different haircut, short and spiked, a new tattoo
with their son’s name and a leaner body as the last of her baby weight had been
worked off with her daily jogs.

face lit up as he emerged from the crowd. He dropped his…

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