Best G.O.T. moments in GiFs

Here is a special edition of my Top Tens category with my favorite show of all time “Game of Thrones”. With Season 8 just around the corner, I felt the need to share my favorite moments with you all. But stick around, there are bonus lists at the bottom. So, here it goes, guys… if you’re not caught up with the show–first of all, shame on you lol and second, leave now, this post contains hella spoilers.

Top 10 Game of Thrones moments

Honorable Mentions

A Golden Crown
Season 1. Episode 6 OrdinaryKaleidoscopicGalapagossealion-small

Mother of Dragons
Season 1. Episode 10do-epic

Jaime Lannister loses hand
Season 3. Episode 3jaime hand.gif

“For The Watch”
Season 5. Episode 10anigif_enhanced-19641-1434361510-6

Arya’s Return
Season 6. Episode 10arya .gif

10. The Purple Wedding
Season 4. Episode 2. “The Lion and the Rose”

What happened: After the wedding ceremony, during the feast, Tyrion fills a goblet and hands it to Joffrey, who repeatedly orders his uncle to kneel, but Tyrion is defiant. Margaery defuses the situation by drawing attention to the wedding pie. As Joffrey eats the cake that Margaery gives him and drinks wine from the goblet Tyrion gave him, he begins choking. As Lady Olenna yells for everyone to assist the king, he falls to the ground, the clear victim of assassination by poison. Before dying, Joffrey points accusingly at Tyrion, who is examining the dropped goblet. Furious with grief, Cersei orders Tyrion arrested on charges of poisoning the king.

Why I like it: Joffrey finally dies.

20-piecut.gif  5pd7.gif

Ri9R.gif   SizzlingCaringGoldenretriever-max-1mb

9. The Mountain vs. The Viper
Season 4. Episode 8. “The Mountain and the Viper”

What happened: During the fight, Oberyn demands the Mountain admit to raping and murdering his sister, Elia, and her two children. Oberyn lands several skillful attacks on the Mountain, seemingly toying with the much larger man. He knocks the Mountain to the ground and lands a near-fatal blow. Oberyn then screams at the Mountain to confess, hoping the Mountain will admit that it was Tywin who gave the order. As Oberyn circles him, he lets his guard down and the Mountain knocks him to the ground, knocks his teeth out and then gouges out his eyes while confessing to the murder of Elia and her children, and subsequently crushes Oberyn’s skull with his hands, killing him instantly. The Mountain then collapses to the ground from his wounds. Tywin rises and sentences Tyrion to death for regicide.

Why I like it: Didn’t take long for Oberyn Martell, prince of Dorne, to become one of my favorite characters in the series. The way he talked down to the Lannisters, to their face, and the rumors of his fighting skills, I couldn’t wait to see what he could do. And man, did he live up to the hype but that arrogance cost him his life.

viper   IZvnZSZtKpN   tumblr_n6k9ckC2yy1t1vk6eo1_250

8. Battle of Blackwater
Season 2. Episode 9. “Blackwater”

What happened: Stannis Baratheon’s fleet and army arrive at King’s Landing and the battle for the city begins. The Lannisters are badly outnumbered but Tyrion has make sensible preparations and strikes a blow. When no one else will lead the troops beyond the city wall, Tyrion decides he will do so himself. Cersei plans for her and her children’s future. It appears they are all headed for certain death but help suddenly arrives.

Why I like it: It was the first major battle in the series and the entire episode was dedicated to that. It was just a nice change of pace and out of the first two seasons, my favorite episode.


7. Hold the Door!
Season 6. Episode 5. “The Door”

What happened: The Three-Eyed Raven begins transferring knowledge to Bran as the army of wights arrives. While in a vision of Winterfell, Bran hears the cries of Meera Reed who is trying to save Bran’s body while the Children hold back the wights. The Three-Eyed Raven advises Bran to listen to her, and Bran splits his consciousness by both remaining in the vision of the past and simultaneously warging into Hodor in the present. The Night King enters the cave and kills the Three-Eyed Raven. As Bran, Meera and Hodor make their escape, Leaf, and Bran’s direwolf, Summer, sacrifice themselves to hold back the wights. Hodor closes the hideout’s door behind them, keeping the wights inside while Meera escapes with Bran. Meera repeatedly orders Hodor to “hold the door” shut while they flee, which results in the Wights tearing him apart. In the vision, Bran becomes overwhelmed by the split consciousness and unintentionally wargs into a younger version of Hodor in the vision, then known as Wylis, forging a connection between the past and present. With Bran’s consciousness inside his head, Wylis suffers a seizure while hearing the echoes of Meera’s orders and he begins to yell the words “hold the door” over and over, until they slur together and “Hodor” is all that’s left that he can say.

Why I like it: Such a clever approach in telling Hodor’s story, no matter how tragic it was. Probably the only time in the entire series where my eyes watered.

holddoor  1_uC3RL9u8rbELFQ7WK7ePBwtumblr_o7liclC08Z1qhz95yo1_500.gif

6. Cersei’s Revenge
Season 6. Episode 10. “The Winds of Winter”

What happened: After Cersei fails to appear for her trial, Lancel Lannister is sent to retrieve her. He follows one of Cersei’s spies beneath the Sept, and finds a wildfire cache about to explode. He is stabbed in the spine before he can disarm the cache. Inside the Sept, Margaery Tyrell, realizing that Cersei has set a trap, warns the crowd to leave, but the High Sparrow prevents anyone from leaving. The wildfire ignites and destroys the Great Sept, killing everyone inside.

Why I like it: I knew Cersei would get her revenge, but this was over the top. The build up to the moment was amazing, the music too, just perfect storytelling. And then Tommen…


5. The Battle at Hardhome
Season 5. Episode 8. “Hardhome”

What happened: Jon and Tormund convince thousands of wildlings to leave Hardhome and go south of the wall. While loading the ships with wildlings, Hardhome is attacked by an army of wights. Jon and the Night’s Watch brothers assist in the defense of Hardhome, helping defend the walls from wight attacks. Jon and Tormund see several White Walkers observing the battle, and Jon moves to recover the bag of dragonglass weapons. Entering a large hut, Jon and Loboda are attacked by a White Walker, who easily kills Loboda before moving on to Jon. Jon is attacked before he can recover the dragonglass, and manages to escape the hut. The White Walker pursues him and they fight, but the Walker is momentarily stunned when he is unable to break Jon’s Valyrian steel sword Longclaw, and Jon manages to kill him. His victory is short-lived, as the walls surrounding Hardhome fall to the wights and Jon and his remaining allies are forced to flee. As Jon returns to the boats, he witnesses the Night King reviving the dead, including Karsi and many of the wildlings and the Night’s Watch, as wights.

Why I like it: Not only is this an intense battle—episode, still considered to be the best in the series, it shows us the unity between the Night’s Watch and the wildlings and the power of the Night King.

hardhome   Jon-White-Walker-2LTNTdrwtzBMT6   jon-snow-hardhome

4. The Red Wedding
Season 3. Episode 9. “The Rains of Castamere”

What happened: After the wedding, during the feast, Catelyn notices Roose Bolton wearing chainmail under his robes, which confirms Catelyn’s suspicions that they have been betrayed. Just as Walder signals his men to attack the Starks’ men, Catelyn tries to warn Robb, but before he can react, Lothar repeatedly stabs the pregnant Talisa in the abdomen, killing her and her unborn child. Robb is then shot by crossbows, and the massacre of his bannermen begins.
Catelyn, although wounded by a crossbow bolt, holds Walder’s young wife, Joyeuse, hostage with a knife and demands that Robb be allowed to leave. Walder refuses, and Roose Bolton stabs Robb in the heart, delivering Jaime’s message from Harrenhal: “The Lannisters send their regards.” Catelyn screams and kills Joyeuse in retaliation, before Walder Frey’s son Black Walder slits Catelyn’s throat.

Why I like it: For obvious reasons, lol. They killed Ned at the end of the first season, okay, cool cool cool. This is the cast we have now, the main core that will carry the show (Robb and Catelyn included) but… SNIP! SNAP! or the other way around… Robb I kind of suspected but Cate… WOW!


3. Battle of the Bastards
Season 6. Episode 9. “Battle of the Bastards”

What happened: Ramsay brings Rickon out and has him run to Jon while firing arrows at him. Jon rushes to intercept Rickon, but just before reaching Jon, Rickon is killed by an arrow. Jon charges at Ramsay, who orders the Bolton archers to fire and his cavalry to charge; Davos orders the Stark force out of position to shield Jon. The ensuing battle leaves hundreds of Bolton and Stark soldiers dead, creating a wall of corpses and allowing the Bolton infantry to encircle around the Stark forces. Tormund panics and sends the Wildlings towards the wall of bodies and Smalljon’s forces, who easily cut them down. Jon is trampled by the Wildlings but struggles to his feet. The Stark forces appear doomed when a horn sounds in the distance and Petyr Baelish and Sansa arrive with the Knights of the Vale, whose cavalry sideswipe and easily smash the remainder of the Bolton army; Tormund kills Smalljon in the chaos.

Why I like it: My favorite episode of the series. And the most intense, coolest battle scene I’ve ever seen on television or movies.

rickon   bastardsbastards2

2. Bran Falls
Season 1. Episode 1. “Winter is Coming”

What happened: Bran, who enjoys climbing the walls of Winterfell, climbs an abandoned tower where he stumbles on Queen Cersei and Jaime having sex. To keep the incestuous relationship a secret, Jaime shoves Bran out of the high window.

Why I like it: When I first started watching Game of Thrones, the series had just started its second season. The buzz around it back then was not as crazy as it is now, and it was my pops who told me to look into it. Okay! Sure! Gave it a shot, it was good, interesting, different but nothing to rave about until the ending; the incest (don’t think I’ve seen that on tv to that extent before) and then “The things I do for Love” act. Just CRAZY!

bran falling.gif

1. Ned’s Execution
Season 1. Episode 9. “Baelor”

What happened: Arya, who has been living as a beggar in the streets of King’s Landing since her escape from the Lannisters, learns a crowd is gathering at the Great Sept of Baelor, where her father will be judged before the gods, and in order to see over the crowd, climbs onto the statue of Baelor the Blessed. As he is dragged through the crowd, Ned notices Arya on the statue, and alerts the Night’s Watch recruiter Yoren to her location. With Sansa, Cersei, Joffrey and the Small Council looking over him, Ned confesses to treason and swears fealty to Joffrey in front of the crowd. Satisfied, Sansa and Cersei ask Joffrey to spare Ned as Joffrey promised, but Joffrey breaks his promise and orders Ned to be executed. As Sansa watches in horror, Cersei, Varys and the Small Council attempt to intervene, and Arya tries to rescue Ned, only to be stopped by Yoren, who prevents her from seeing her father’s execution. When he sees that Arya has been rescued, Ned accepts his fate and is beheaded by Ser Ilyn Payne.

Why I like it: This is such a cliché comment but for Game of Thrones to kill off the main character when the season was picking up steam takes balls. Yeah, yeah, I know they were copying the book, but when did that ever stop any of the adaptations from changing the rules. (Darryl from Walking Dead didn’t even exist in the books) But I digress… Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, hand of the ki—No! the King (Robert’s wishes) He was my boy and I was mad as shit. Still mad. Forever mad.


Top 5 Characters

  1. Tyrion Lannister
  2. Arya Stark
  3. Sandor Clegane aka The Hound
  4. Jaime Lannister (after hand loss)
  5. Stannis Baratheon (before Shireen death)

Top 5 WTF Deaths


  1. Shireen……….
  2. Ned loses his head 
  3. Tommen commits suicide after momma blows the Sept
  4. Night King spears Viserion
  5. Jon Snow is stabbed a thousand times

Ranking the seasons from best to worst least best

  1. Six
  2. One
  3. Three
  4. Five
  5. Four
  6. Two
  7. Seven

If you made it this far, I appreciate you taking time to read . Please let me know what you think of this most epic Game of Thrones post :). I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember all this shit. lol. I can’t believe season 8 is here. I have a few predictions but I’ll keep those to myself. haha.

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