Obliteration, Part Two: The Bunker

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Some wonderful storytelling right here.
Here is part two of Obliteration by my wonderful, talented friend, Jodi Jensen.

Jodi Jensen Writes

To read Part One: City on Fire, click here

Abby grabbed the
handle above her window as Lance turned off the pavement at the first dirt road
they came to.

he muttered as he hit the brakes. “Look.”

see it.” Her hopes fell at the sight of the heavy, locked metal gate blocking
their way.

it, I’m going.” Lance backed up, floored the gas and rammed the gate, but it
was stronger than it looked. He’d barely made a dent. “Get in back with the

climbed over the seat and buckled herself in right next to the car seat. She
kissed Eric’s forehead, then met Lance’s gaze in the rearview mirror. “Ready.”

time he backed up all the way to the pavement. “Hold on!” He slammed it into
gear and gunned it. When they hit the gate, it bounced off the grill guard and

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