Writing Prompts: Sci-Fi

Science Fiction Clichés

A few times a month, I’ll explore some of my more ambitious story ideas with a short story. Genres I’ve never written before with plotlines and characters that are way out of my league. But this is why I write them, to develop my skill.
Some of them are good, some okay, some trash. But I’m a writer, I am writing.
What do professional athletes do when the season is over? Kick back, relax, vacation—yeah, maybe, a little, but they’re back to grinding, making themselves better, months before the new season even begins. Well, there’s no offseason for writers, either. So, while your book is being edited, proofread, even while you’re marketing for that brand-new title that you just released, it’s back to the words, back to the worlds. Damn it, I like that… Back to the words, back to the worlds! Anywho…

But what am I going to write? Well, here’s a little push from me to you – a list of some of the most overused Sci-Fi/fantasy/horror/action plots ever. Whatever you decide, it doesn’t have to be drawn out or even outlined (your choice), this is just an exercise to keep those creative juices flowing. But who knows, something may trigger an idea that’ll lead into something epic—perhaps your next big novel. Enjoy.

Write a scene or short story using these top 10 prompts.

10. Stranded: After their boat is capsized by a wave, a young couple swims to the shore of a deserted island where they find a trunk full of gold that turns them against each other.

9. Lost City: Two thousand years in the future, the mythical city of New York is discovered under a land of ice.

8. Robots: A young girl befriends an old droid in a world where Robots rule over humanity.

7. Superhero: The alter ego of a superhero has a blind date with the alter ego of a supervillain. It goes well until…

6. Vampires: A vampire and a werewolf walk into a bar….in 1875 Dodge City, Kansas.

5. Dragons: In Middle Earth, a young boy with a grown dragon challenges the throne of the ruthless king. *Write this story backwards.

4. End of the World: A family travels through time to meet the dinosaurs but arrives on the day of their extinction.

3. Monsters: An extinct volcano erupts; not lava, but hot saliva, then a monster crawls out.

2. Zombie Apocalypse: a group attempts to escape a zombie attack during the middle of a hurricane.

1. Alien Invasion: Human astronauts invade a hidden colony on Mars. *From the POV of a young Martian girl.

Happy Writing!

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