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Obliteration, Part Three: The Cabin

One of my favorite short story series. Must read!

Jodi Jensen Writes

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Abby’s arms ached.
Her daily jogs had done nothing to prepare her for carrying a thirty-five-pound
sleeping toddler all night over rough terrain. As dawn broke, she shifted her
son yet again and stifled a yawn.

stopped abruptly in front of her. “Look,” he pointed down the slope at a
half-dozen red rooftops peeking through the pine trees.

stood watching a moment, but didn’t see any signs of life.

you think it’s safe?” Abby whispered.

brought the rifle to his shoulder. “Only one way to find out. C’mon.”

trailed behind her husband, her heart thudding as they got closer to the
collection of cabins. With every step, leaves crunched underfoot, making her
cringe, but still nothing stirred. Even the birds were silent.

glanced back, then nodded at…

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