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Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! is the notification I received over the weekend. Anniversary? What Anniversary? 8 year anniversary – since I’ve joined WordPress. Yikes. Hadn’t realized it’d been that long, seeing that I’ve only been really active since January 2019. But I won’t argue with it. If it’s been 8 years, it’s been 8 years. Read More

A Date With Grace

Love a clean short story with a happy ending. Jodi Jensen does it again! Must Read

Jodi Jensen Writes

“Gracie Potter? Is that you?”

Grabbing the side of her long, flowing skirt, Grace
gave a brief curtsey as she scanned the sea of familiar faces, trying to see
who’d called out.

“All right, folks, next up for bid we have a date with

She smiled and waved as the crowd erupted in applause,
pleased with the turnout for the charity auction. The small, historic opera
house was bursting at the seams.

“Where are we taking her?” a man shouted above the

The announcer held up two tickets. “To the rodeo, then
the carnival after.” He glanced in her direction and grinned. “Who wants to
start the bidding?”

“A hundred dollars!”


“One seventy-five!”

Voice after voice rang out in rapid succession, and
suddenly, the bids were up to four hundred.

“Going once…”

“Five hundred dollars!”

Grace searched the faces in the back of the room, her

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