Slodgy McStuffins is a series of Christmas Short Stories that I started a long time ago in a state of mind far, far away :). Some of you may recognize it, most won’t. But here it is. Part 1 of Slodgy McStuffins. Enjoy.

Part 1

Christmas morning, Timmy was first to open his eyes. Before his siblings and parents, even the yellow star in the sky. So, he raced down the steps, ran to the tree, and gathered all ten of his presents. There were two from his uncle, two from his grandma and five from his parents. The tenth was ‘From Santa’, and without any further delay, he opened the box without his parents’ okay.

Past the wrapping paper, in the box, was a weather of feathers, and he reached in and found a crossbow dart-gun that he’d been wanting forever. He jumped for joy, stomping and shouting, igniting the sound. When he kicked the box over, a note fell on the ground. “For being a good boy all year,” it read. So, he took that as a blessing, to play with his weapon.

In his t-shirt and pajama bottoms, he knelt in position, and prepared for target practice at a dish in the kitchen. He pulled on the trigger, and a dart flew from the hinges. But something else flew. The elastic metal wires on the gun broke free from the screws. The wire snapped toward Timmy’s face, slashing at his clothes. Then it slithered up his neck and made a cut on his nose. He stumbled from the gun and screamed for his “Mama!” as blood dripped from his nostrils to his pajama bottoms.

Timmy wept and squirmed, screaming in agony. Behind him, a red dot blinked from a green ornament on the tree. This was a unique ornament, smaller and shinier than the rest, but extremely hard to notice within the sea of decoration mess. Inside the green ball to the source of the red dot was the tiniest spy camera surveilling the spot. On one end of the camera was the injured boy screaming in pain. On the other was a squad of elves watching in shame.

Over a million monitors all over the world, the elves counted each injured girl and boy. Then zoomed in on the patent mark of every defective toy. They looked at each other, “Slodgy McStuffins!” they all said with a glare. The elf in charge stood from his chair. “Get Poppy, get Rimmy, get Daffle and Crackle. And bring Slodgy in for questioning and bring him in shackles.”

But before they could act, the sound of bells ringing and jingling, then came the joyful noise of the reindeer singing. “He’s back,” the head elf said, and now he had to choose, which elf would run out and tell him the news.

* * *

In the stable, Slodgy stood with a sock full of rocks, and picked which reindeer recruit was next to get clocked. From the biggest to the smallest, he finally chose. “You, Junior,” he pointed to the smallest one with the glossy nose. So, he gathered his anger, embraced his emotion, but before he could throw the sock, the door blew open. Santa Claus entered the doorway with a team of elves, and Slodgy looked back at them, smirked and said “Well…”

“Slodgy, you’ve been bad,” Santa said. Behind him, the elves hissed. “You’ve almost singlehandedly ruined Christmas. The toys you’ve built were dangerous and violent…” Santa kept on roaring as Slodgy stood there silent. “Five years straight, that’s it, you’re doomed to the cold. Pack your things, get out and never return to the North Pole.”

Slodgy resisted as a team of elves escorted him to the wall. The tall, magical border walls that never fall. They dragged him, kicked him and pushed him ahead. The last few feet, they tossed him out, and he fell on his head.

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