Writing Prompts: Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Happy Holidays, everyone. This is for my fellow writers in between projects. It’s Christmas time so, yeah… let’s stick with that or maybe you can transform it into something else, your choice. If you are a regular to my site, you know that I am in the middle of a three-part Christmas story (Slodgy McStuffins) and I’m having tons of fun writing it. So, I hope this inspires someone to get those creative juices back on track. “Getting outside your comfort zone not only helps you be more productive, it can also foster creativity and make it easier to be more flexible when unexpected things happen in the future.” 

-Write a scene, short story or maybe even a novel using these top 10 prompts:

10. Rudolph: An origin story on the most famous reindeer.

9. Police: A police unit of elves look for human spies that have infiltrated the North Pole.

8. Zombies: Snow zombies lurk outside the North Pole as Christmas approaches. An army of elves are assembled.

7. The Grinch: A freaky Friday situation with the Grinch and Santa Claus.

6. Scary elf: An elf dies in a freak toy-making accident, and haunts the child that is given that same toy.

5. Santa is real: In first person, as a child, your parents have the “Santa is not real” conversation with you.

4. Mrs. Claus: Santa Claus is arrested for breaking & entering. Mrs. Claus, with a few elves and the reindeer B-team, storm the police station, guns blazing, to save him and Christmas.

3. Apocalypse: The elves go on strike, the reindeer are sick, Santa takes a year off, and the world collapses.

2. Naughty or Nice: In an authoritarian society, people are judged by others for being naughty or nice. A point system that is used like currency. The rich (the nice) are rewarded at Christmas. The point system has become rigged and abused, a new Santa Claus breaks that trend.

1. Alternate Universe: Santa Claus is an evil villain who comes into families homes every year and steals, sometimes kills. On Christmas time, the world prepares for Santa and goes on lock-down. ex. One family gets into a shootout with the Evil Claus.

Happy Writing! Merry Christmas!

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