Slodgy McStuffins and the Revengers

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Part 3

The walls collapsed and the snowmen entered.

The elf guards ran from the tower and sounded the alarm. After they sounded the alarm, they rallied more troops. They snatched some from the kitchen and a few workers on the roof. They called on the ones who were eating and a couple shooting hoops. Then, they woke the ones who were sleeping and even one going poop.

Seventy-three of the North Pole’s finest stood off against the snowmen and the five freaks. If not for the monsters’ and their claws and big teeth and big feet, the elves of the north would surely have claimed victory. But the odds shifted to the trespassers and the Snowbeasts.

You can see it in those elves, their tiny legs trembled and their little jaws fell. They couldn’t even yell, it was like their little throats swelled. Some of them knew Slodgy, but hadn’t a clue about the rest. But McStuffins, the way he looked, they feared he’d become ten times worst since he left.

While the elves stood in wonder as the Snowmen readied to attack. The big beasts hadn’t eaten in ten hours and that was only a Plump snack. The five outcasts stepped forward, and looked down on their old pack. Then Slodgy yelled “Get them, rip them apart, attack, attack, ATTACK!”

Some elves stood their ground, the other fifty or so scattered. Tweedle and Skeedle, the biggest and bravest of the elves were immediately battered. While elf heads were ripped from their bodies, others ran for help from somebody. Some fled, most bled, even the elf with the runs ran back to the potty.

Then came Santa’s reindeer, flying down from the sky. They were about the same size as the Monster’s feet, but with their antlers, about knee-high. And so, the battle began with no regards for the nearby stables. One minute, a snowman would knock a reindeer down, the next minute, they’d turn the tables. One snowman went down, four reindeer did, too. The other beast retreated, and the last four reindeer were through. Now on to the elves, and other than Garland, the four split up into two—

“Enough!” Slodgy screamed to the clouds with a raised fist. “Enough of the rhyming already.” Then came a long silence.

So, the elves went on their way. Garland went somewhere for food, while Berry and Piggy returned home. Slodgy dragged Kid with him to show him the way to the Fat Man’s home. Through back alleys and tunnels, backyards and hills, over a river Slodgy never knew about came a path that Kid pointed to. “This trail will show you the way,” he said and left Slodgy alone.

A pathway swallowed by shrubs and trees darkened the path, then came the colorful lights at the end; red, blue, green and white, outlining a home he thought would be much bigger, but it was just a cabin. Too small for the Fat Man, Slodgy smirked. Then, he remembered why he was there. Remembered how he was treated. And how he was abandoned and left for dead. That smirk transformed into a scowl, then he returned to the theme of the day; revenge. He stomped toward the front door and opened it, slowly.

The door was quiet, but his first step into the home pushed onto the floorboards and a creak bounced off the walls. Slodgy was a bad elf, the worst of the worst, but mostly forgivable things. But this. THIS! Forget breaking down the North Pole walls, inviting monsters inside to murder his fellow elves, ‘No elf shall enter Home Claus without permission’. It was the biggest rule—the first rule in the land. There was no turning back now.

The house looked twenty times bigger on the inside, with a second story and hallways that seemed to never end, but there was no time to revel in the home’s beauty or magic. McStuffins found the Fat Man’s chambers with no problem at all. He grabbed a letter opener from an end table, gripped the handle of it and tip-toed toward the bed. Snoring and slobbering, Slodgy found the Fat Man in an unmagical state. What a slob.

Slodgy grabbed a step-stool from the closet and placed it next to the bed, he stood on it, hovered over the Fat Man and lifted the letter opener over his head. Then, he remembered what Garland had told him back in the cave. How to dethrone Santa and become King of Christmas, Lord of the North Pole, God of the elves. “Remove Santa’s hat from his head and put it on. Thus, transforming you into the new Santa Claus.” It was as simple as that. Slodgy put all of his trust into Garland’s words and proceeded to do just that.

So, instead of killing the Fat Man for some temporary happiness, Slodgy dropped the letter opener, removed his own stinky, cold, dingy, molded, green hat from the top of his dirty dome, then snatched the Fat Man’s hat and quickly placed it on his head.

When the Fat Man opened his eyes and sat up, Slodgy jumped off the step-stool, backed up to the wall, rubbing his hands and licking his chops. They made eye contact, the Fat Man stared, Slodgy waited. When nothing happened, the Fat Man busted into a Ho-Ho-Ho laughter. “Slodgy, Slodgy, Slodgy. You want to be me? You need a good heart. It is impossible for you to be Santa, your heart is too dark.”

Oh no, the rhyming.

Santa hopped down from the bed, plopped his feet on the floor. The room shook and quaked, and Slodgy lost his balance and fell as he tried to make it to the door. “I admire your determination,” Santa said, snatching his hat back. “But soon you’ll see and you’ll be sorry you did that.”

Slodgy was unaware of any side effects, horrible in fact. His face started to heat up and his hands turned black. Then Santa grabbed a mirror from the closet so he could show, that Slodgy’s face turned colors before it started to glow.

Then, five elves came into the room and put Slodgy in cuffs and escorted him out and he shrugged, even smirked and said “tough luck.” He was dragged all the way to the village and Santa followed them there. Slodgy saw all of his friends locked up while the survivors whispered and stared.

But they didn’t lock Slodgy up, they made an example out of him. Placed him in the middle of the snow, next to one of the dead snowmen. The injured reindeer surrounded Slodgy as he started to feel, a warmness in his face, emerging from his skin, it was so hot, he wanted to squeal. He could feel his face still glowing, tugging at his soul it seemed, he thought he was dead. But that pride took over, he looked around, saw the reindeer, the Fat Man and said… “Now what?”

The reindeer, elves and Fat Man split up and made way for the twelve reindeer recruit, they hopped toward Slodgy like they wanted to play. These were the same poor reindeer Slodgy had regularly harassed. From the back, one elf screamed at Slodgy and said, “That’s your ass!”

As the reindeer recruit surrounded McStuffins, the smallest one emerged. “Junior,” Slodgy recognized him and knew what was to come. He saw the rage in the little one’s eyes, the scars, and finally admitted that he was scum.

But too late.

The final effects of putting on Santa’s hat began to show. Slodgy continued to glow but started to bleed from the nose. Then, he slouched over, shivered and he started to cough. Santa stepped forward and said, “His name is not Junior, it’s Rudolph.”

Then, the reindeer lunged at Slodgy’s face and bit at his neck, he chomped on his skin and chewed up his flesh. Rudolph growled, then swallowed until there was no more Slodgy to show. When he was all done, the reindeer’s nose started to glow.

The end.

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