SSSG Awards 2019

1st annual, Superwriter’s Short Story Gallery Awards

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hella late, I know… But its the first post of 2020 and I decided to make it a special, fun one. A mini award ceremony aka regular ass blog post celebrating the blog’s short stories from 2019.

The awards are given to the most viewed/liked short story series and short story.

Short Story Series

Enigma, 3 parts
Slodgy McStuffins, 3 parts

wtyeu1550476378*WINNER* Best Short Story Series, 2019
The Legend, 10 episodes
From M. Sydnor Jr, Jodi Jensen, B.N. Gathing, Michele Quirke and R.L. Warrick

To save his species from extinction, Uridian general & scientist, Etos, explores the universe for a new home world.

Short Stories

The Fluff King, January 6th
Tiffany, March 29th
Fanatic, April 14th
Rinse, Revenge & Repeat, April 25th
I am The Terror, May 14th
The Devil in the Snow, September 16th
A Different Man, October 7th
Talking Walls, Walking Halls, October 31st

The Table, Action-Adventure
February 27th

Dinner with his girlfriend’s parents turns into a brawl.

“Cool story with plenty of action and unexpected twists!”



Big Brother, Action-Adventure, Fantasy
July 2nd

Andre saves his brother…and the city.

“…the ending got me right here ❤️.”



The Gold Hole in the Green Sea, Drama, Fantasy
March 26th

A single father discovers a magical hole to solve all his problems.

“I love the twist at the end!”



HERE: a 1k word story, Drama
January 29th

A man tells a story about his car accident.

“Gripping, potent story – had me hooked.”




Bait, Drama, Horror
February 13th

Family of three moves out of the city into the woods.

“Amazing! I found myself reading faster and faster to see what would happen next. Great job!”

“Full of suspense and very very scary 😱”

“The jungle had animals, but the city had monsters…that is seriously so beautiful. GREAT READ!”

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