Writing Prompts: Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Are you in between stories? Are you having trouble finding the next world you’d like to explore, characters you’d like to meet?

Everyone is different when it comes to ideas. Inspiration comes for us all in different, mysterious ways. For me, all it takes is a simple thought which pulls me to the notepad to jot it down. In that moment, that thought grows into an idea, and then a world and then Marlon and his gang of ragtag friends are blowing shit up, saving the world. Lol. I, personally, believe that you have to go after inspiration and not wait for it. But I do understand that it doesn’t happen that way for everyone. Sometimes, it takes a drive to the store, or a walk around the neighborhood. It might take watching your favorite TV show or some random movie on Netflix. Or a list of writing prompts… 😊

Also, with Valentine’s day around the corner, let’s add in that LOVE component.

-Write a scene, short story or maybe even your next big novel using one of these prompts.

10. Tornado: Storm chasing husband and wife are now the ones being chased by a tornado…through a field on a flat tire.

9. Earthquake: Moments after a deadly earthquake, two co-workers fight their way down forty floors before the building completely collapses.

8. Blizzard: Two teenagers on their way to prom are stuck in the backseat of a limo after their driver bails on them. Should they take their chances in the storm or wait it out in the freezing backseat?

7. Tsunami: Two strangers hit it off at a singles brunch on a cruise ship. Then, a tsunami hits.

6. Wildfire: Ordered by their therapist to take a vacation, a struggling couple goes camping in the woods. A fight sends the husband storming off and he tosses his cigarette, starting a fire. Now, he has to save his wife.

5. Volcano: A spaceship crash lands on a volcano of a foreign world. An ex-husband and wife are the sole survivors of the crew.

4. Sinkhole: A sinkhole swallows an entire hospital. Most survive, but die within the chaos as people climb over each other to get out. From the POV of a teenage girl looking for her boyfriend.

3. Avalanche: A man outside his element tries to impress a woman by surfing a steep mountain.

2. Hurricane/Flood: A coast guard rescue swimmer finds a young woman in the attic of a home that’s soon to be completely under water. She’s pregnant and going into labor.

1. Meteor shower: Meteors come crashing into a small town, during the county fair. Stuck on a Ferris Wheel, facing death, lifetime friends confess their love for one another.

Happy Writing!

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