Recap: Season 1

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Season 1 Recap:

Etos, a scientist and general from the planet Uridia, escaped his dying world in a stolen spacecraft. With his wife Ada by his side and the assistance of Kee, the ship’s A.I. computer, they embarked on a life-long journey of the known universe in search of a new home. On the first planet they came to, a habitable quiet world, they encountered a species of Cyclops. As they ran away from the creatures, Ada was scratched in the back and knocked unconscious from massive blood loss.

As his wife recovered on the ship, Etos continued their plan and landed on Sapa; a cold planet, full of ice and snow, where sensors picked up a crashed ship. Upon investigation, he discovered that the damaged craft was from Schlora, the sister planet of Uridia. As he searched for survivors, with Ada’s help, in spite of her condition, despite his disapproval, she was captured.

To help save Ada, Etos enlisted the help of a young Schloran female, Phea. But Phea would only help if they’d take her with them. Working with the young girl, Etos discovered that she was no ordinary Schloran female, she was different—special. They saved Ada, as she clung on to life, and the three of them escaped the planet before the Schloran soldiers could get them.

Back in space, Phea took Ada’s place and accompanied Etos on explorations of other worlds. They become better acquainted and Etos learned more about the girl and her third eye than he was prepared for. Her eye was more powerful than any weapon he had on board and she couldn’t control it. Etos also learned that her people praised a sacred text that called for her sacrifice, to save their race. It was why Phea wanted to escape her people…to live.

When Ada awakened, she and Etos reminisced on good times back on Uridia, looking back on their decision to leave their home world to save the future of their people. Although Ada displayed behavior that suggested she was getting better, Kee detected something else, that she was turning into the Cyclops that scratched her.

As his dear wife faded away, the monster inside her emerged and all that Ada was and had been, wasn’t anymore. The Cyclops began its destruction of the ship from the inside out, and to save Phea, Etos ejected her in an escape pod. Then, he lured the monster into a bay for safekeeping.

With Kee’s help and a configuration of the bay’s atmosphere, the monster calmed. So, Etos took the ship to Phea’s last known coordinates and saved her. But in their return to space, the Schlorans come with vengeance to take what was rightfully theirs, Phea. Etos had just lost his wife, he wasn’t going to give up Phea that easy. The Schloran ship attached itself to Blue and the Schlorans invaded the ship with guns blazing. A battle ensued.

While Etos fought them off, Phea snuck on to the Schloran ship to save the innocent men, women and children on board that she could trust. Then, Etos freed the Cyclops from the bay, and the monster attacked the soldiers, those left standing, and chased the rest back to their ship. The creature proceeded to destroy them and their craft. And with Schlorans on board and Phea by his side, Etos said goodbye to his wife and raced away from the Schloran ship that soon imploded.

All was well on Blue, until they were sucked into a black hole.

Season 1 episodes written by
M. Sydnor Jr., Jodi Jensen, Brittany N. Gathing, Michele Quirk & R.L. Warrick

Created by
M. Sydnor Jr.

read Season 2, Episode 1

copyright © M. Sydnor Jr.

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