For those of you who follow my site regularly, this is a collection of short stories that I pulled from my short story gallery, with the exception of “Forbidden Water”, the new mystery thriller that I’ve yet to release anywhere. Until now.

Here are the 13 short stories featured in the collection: Here; Forbidden Water; A Different Man; Tiffany; The Gold Hole in the Green Sea; Bait; Rinse, Revenge & Repeat; Talking Walls, Walking Halls; Devin in the Snow; The Table; I am The Terror; Big Brother; California


Here’s the introduction from the first pages of the book.


“I used to hoop, now I write.”

It just hit me. I need to update my author bio. Sort of feels like I’m more of a short story writer than a novelist these days. At the very least, add that I’m both. I wish I had the balls to just shit on this unwritten rule of professionalism and just put ‘Writer’ in my bio. Seems like a reader would see that and be like, “What kind of nutbag would—you know what, let’s see what this book’s about.” Right? Maybe I’ll give more background, something like, “I used to play basketball, now I write.” Boom! That’s it. Now, you know my life.

It’s not laziness, I promise, and I am all about opening myself up for my two or three fans. It’s just so damn hard. Truly one of those few writing fears. Think it took two long weekends and more attention than I’d imagined to write my current bio. I can write hundreds of thousands of words about Whoeserly Whateverson but struggle to push out a few paragraphs about myself.

Like this here…I’m babbling…okay, moving on.

Nothing is Natural is my first collection of short stories, but not my last. On average, I write a short story per month. For those of you who subscribe to my blog site, you will recognize most of these stories which were posted in 2019, with the exception of “Forbidden Water”.

But back to the short stories. Why?

The short, obvious answer: I love to write.

The not so short answer: the more I write, the better I get. It would be good to make some money from this, but I am rewarded plenty with the peace and joy I get from diving into these worlds.

Nothing is Natural is about half science fiction, half horror. That pretty much sums up the action in my head. With all the space adventures on television, the terrifying tales on my bookshelf and a bunch of writer friends on social media, I am overflowing with inspiration. So many story ideas I’m running out of notebook space. Allow me to plug my blog site real quick,, where you’ll find new short stories monthly.

Well, let’s get through this collection first, then we’ll talk.

Enjoy, my friends.

Grab your copy here