Writing Prompts: Quarantine


The Coronavirus got ya down and out? Did your creativity go running scared once the pandemic hit? Maybe this post will help you find it… OMG, this sounds like an infomercial. But in all seriousness, to all the writers out there struggling to create, I feel your pain. You are not alone. These are trying times and it is much harder to find the time and/or peace to sit down and do what you love. This virus cuts deep at our soul and threatens our positive energy. I understand. Don’t ever feel bad that you aren’t writing, and don’t let anyone shame you for not doing so.

But if you want that push… here it is.

A few ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe help you finish that novel/novella/short story you’ve been working on or maybe a new idea will emerge. Take these ideas at your pleasure, squeeze em, twist em, put em in a blender and see how it comes out… okay, that was a stupid analogy…

Here are ten of the best ideas I came up with for this quarantine-themed writing prompt post. And I’m a SciFi/Fantasy guy so throw in some monsters, aliens, A.I. but whatever it may be, let’s try and give the story a happy ending. Just because we’re struggling doesn’t mean our characters have to.

10. *Front line workers:  Doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, etc., show your appreciation by writing a story about these brave people.

9. Office: Workers abroad must band together in an old office building due to an immediate lockdown order from the country.

8. Cruise Ship: Captain orders the passengers to stay in their suites when communication with everyone from the outside is cut off. As they approach the docks, there is no sign of anyone on land.

7. Work from Home: A video conference turns into a mystery after a worker spots a small creature crawling out of the boss’s closet behind him.

6. Online Gaming: In the near future, a sore loser breaks his video game console, then breaks the law by leaving home to buy another from a friend, evading the android cops.

5. Workout: She didn’t know about the rats living in her garage until she started working out in there.

4. Video Chat: Friends locked in their homes, due to a virus, hold a birthday party through video chat. The birthday boy logs in, but is missing. Then one after another, each screen goes black.

3. Homeschooling: After getting laid off work from the pandemic, a man goes into a deep depression, but homeschooling his daughter saves his life. And it ignites a new passion.

2. Toilet Paper: Desperate, masked intruders break into a home to steal toilet paper, bread and diapers but the family and their pet dragon wasn’t having it.

1. Struggling Writer: Write a story about your struggles with writing during the pandemic. 😊

Happy Writing!

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