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Two doors. One key. The choice of a lifetime.

After inheriting a long-abandoned farm, Sophie Sanders trades her empty existence for a fresh start in Utah. Moments into her new life, she uncovers a wooden screen door that sends her spiraling into 1901 where she meets Texas Ranger and widower, Jacob Warren. When an injury leaves Sophie reliant on Jacob and his hospitality, she resolves to keep her time-traveling secret. Before long, she finds herself falling for the rugged Texas Ranger despite her modern sensibilities constantly being at odds with his old-fashioned values.

When the only thing that keeps her anchored in the past, a silver skeleton key given to her by a Romani woman, is taken during an attack, Sophie must depend on Jacob to help her get it back. The strength of their newly formed bond is tested as they race to discover who’s behind a string of accidents and recover Sophie’s key before time runs out.

Excerpt from Sophie’s Key


Sophie woke to the sound of a child’s voice, faint and far away. Her head spun as her muddled mind strove to make sense of the noise.

A tiny weight settled on her shoulder, and for a moment, she was anchored. She cracked an eyelid and glimpsed a small anxious face. Her eyes flew open as a young girl cast a brief look through the open doorway.

“Papa! Papa!”

Who is this child?

She struggled to sit as lightning bolts of stings shot down her arms and paralyzed her fingertips. Her hand slid across the floor, and she banged her elbow on the hardwood—


Hardwood floor?

Her mouth went dry, and her heart pounded. She blinked at the now empty doorway, then stared into the darkened room.

Where’d the screen door go?

The questions swirled through her mind like leaves on a windy day. She frowned as she searched her memory.

She’d hung the door, that much she was sure of. Then she’d fainted. Or had she fallen?

Confused by the whirl of unanswered questions, she shook her head.

Her gaze shot to the little girl with the dark brown braids, freckles, and huge blue eyes. “Who are you?”

The child jumped up and took off. “Papa!” she yelled.

Sophie labored to her feet, but stopped short as her head swam. She grabbed the doorframe for support, then took a deep breath and willed herself not to fall. A couple deeper breaths while she stared at the tips of her pink cowboy boots, and at last things came back into focus.

What the—?

The floorboards on the porch were different. Newer, rougher.

“Can I help you?”

She whipped her head up and turned, startled by the rich masculine voice at the other end of the long porch.

Deep blue eyes met hers from beneath a dusty cowboy hat, and her heart gave an involuntary start as a thrilling buzz of awareness jolted her. Their eyes held, and for a single, mind-boggling moment, everything else melted away.

A movement behind him caught her attention, and she tore her gaze from his as the girl peeked out from behind his long lean legs.

Her heart slammed against her ribs at the sight of the man’s hand as it rested on a pistol at his hip.

She froze, eyes fixed on the gun, and tried to remember to breathe.

His hand relaxed, and he took a cautious step toward her. “You okay, ma’am?”

A crash erupted from inside the dim recesses of the house. She jerked her head and, out of the corner of her eye, caught a dark and bulky shape as it streaked across the room.

“Bear!” the man bellowed in outrage.

The little girl shrieked.

Sophie turned, careened down the front steps, and fled.

Jodi Jensen


Jodi Jensen, grew up moving from California, to Massachusetts, and a few other places in between, before finally settling in Utah at the ripe old age of nine. The nomadic life fed her sense of adventure as a child and the wanderlust continues to this day. With a passion for old cemeteries, historical buildings and sweeping sagas of days gone by, it was only natural she’d dream of time traveling to all the places that sparked her imagination.

Jodi is the author of thirty-two (and counting) speculative fiction short stories published in a series of anthologies with Black Hare Press and a time travel romance novel, Sophie’s Key, published with Champagne Book Group. She found both of her publishers through Twitter and is an advocate and active participant of the writing community there.

Jodi works as a Developmental Editor for Champagne Book Group as well as having completed edits for a number of self-published authors. She is also part of the read team for Black Hare Press.

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