California: A Dystopian Tale

California. Cold. Chaotic. Constricting. A cruel city bordered by twenty-foot stone walls with a population of one hundred thousand people. It is the last place on Earth, at least, that is what everyone here had been told for the past hundred years. After The Last War where nations nuked each other into oblivion, turning Earth into a frozen wasteland, the wolves had risen to the top of the food chain.
For population control, an annual graduation is held to test the eighteen-year-old’s worth. It is tradition. Those chosen will be safe and welcomed into society. But those who fail will be tossed to the wolves. 
A new mayor keeps that tradition alive but his personal feelings corrupt the ceremony and it threatens the city and all its citizens.


California IChapter I: Bridgette

California IIChapter II: Aron

California IIIChapter III: The Mayor

California IVChapter IV: The Alpha