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Obliteration, Part One: City on Fire

Originally posted on Jodi Jensen Writes:
Abby stood on her tiptoes and craned her neck to see through the cluster of soldiers riding down the escalator. “Lance!” She jumped up and down, waving her arms the second she spotted his face. She wanted to…

a melancholy song

Originally posted on The Lonely Author:
a melancholy song outside my window a bird sang a melancholy song of infinite beauty and endless love her lyrics resonated like a gentle percussion of bubbles popping in the recesses of my bones she serenaded me you…

Trippin Over the Hill (Over 30 Book Tag)

Here’s a little thing I did today in Lieu of having content for you guys! Hope its somewhat entertaining and gives you a bit of insight about… um.. why I’m weird. Yep :3

Why Banning Book Buying Just Isn’t Working For Me

Originally posted on The Lady Sam's Story Space:
I’ve made a bajillion self-deprecating jokes about how I can’t be contained, about how poor my self control is, about how much money I spend on books, and … all of that is true. I…

Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

Originally posted on The Relationship Corner:
The New Year has arrived, a time when we start again.? Contemplating the changes we would like to make, some as a result of over indulging during the Christmas period, others with the intention of improving ourselves or…

Catching Big Bad

Originally posted on Jodi Jensen Writes:
***For anyone who listened to the podcast on ‘Constructing the Novel” this was actually one of the homework assignments from when I took that class. A fun new take on catching the big bad wolf. Enjoy!*** Big Bad…

Inside a Writer’s Mind: First Book Blues

Originally posted on Words of Destiny:
Greetings, my fair lovelies! I hope the past week has treated you well, that you found something new to smile about, and you got all the hugs your little heart desired! For this week’s post, I figured it…