Obliteration, Part One: City on Fire

Another gem by Jodi Jensen

Jodi Jensen Writes

Abby stood on her
tiptoes and craned her neck to see through the cluster of soldiers riding down
the escalator. “Lance!” She jumped up and down, waving her arms the second she
spotted his face. She wanted to get closer, but the waiting area was packed with
the families of the other soldiers.

eyes met hers and he grinned as he hoisted his bag higher on his shoulder.

stepped back, out of the crowd, and let him come to her. It’d been a year since
they’d seen each other, but he hadn’t changed a bit. She, on the other hand,
was sporting a drastically different haircut, short and spiked, a new tattoo
with their son’s name and a leaner body as the last of her baby weight had been
worked off with her daily jogs.

face lit up as he emerged from the crowd. He dropped his…

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a melancholy song

The Lonely Author

a melancholy song

outside my window
a bird sang a melancholy song
of infinite beauty and endless love
her lyrics resonated
like a gentle percussion of bubbles
popping in the recesses of my bones

she serenaded me
you will never see the stars
if you fail to peer
into the galaxies of her eyes
why wander the world
when you haven’t ridden a gondola
to the frontiers of her soul

the bird sang of orange sunsets
and skies forever blue
her song reminded me
there can be no true happiness
if I have everything
except for you

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Trippin Over the Hill (Over 30 Book Tag)

Over 30 Book Tag by Harli V. Park

Here’s a little thing I did today in Lieu of having content for you guys! Hope its somewhat entertaining and gives you a bit of insight about… um.. why I’m weird. Yep :3

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Why Banning Book Buying Just Isn’t Working For Me

The Lady Sam's Story Space

I’ve made a bajillion self-deprecating jokes about how I can’t be contained, about how poor my self control is, about how much money I spend on books, and … all of that is true.

I began the year off with a new rule: for every 5 books I read, I could buy a new one, and it worked relatively well for, um… a month and a half? So not very well at all.

I told my best friend about it, and she backed me up, and asked: how are you going to keep yourself accountable? And I glibly replied, “I’ll be accountable to you!” and then proceeded to hide my book purchases from her and justify myself every time I broke my promise. It just seems that banning myself and restricting myself just really does not work.

Now, I really ought not to have been buying books during January and…

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Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

“If we need a resolution it should be to enjoy every moment for what it is: another step in our journey of life, another bite into what we have left. I mean that in a positive way:, our time is not eternal and should be used in the best possible way.”

Catching Big Bad

Cool story about the Big Bad Wolf!

Jodi Jensen Writes

***For anyone who listened to the podcast on ‘Constructing the Novel” this was actually one of the homework assignments from when I took that class. A fun new take on catching the big bad wolf. Enjoy!***

Big Bad pulled up in front of Grandma’s red brick house and cut the engine to the mini-van. He longed to put the top down on his ’69 Mustang and feel the wind in his fur, but no self-respecting Bible salesman drove a convertible anything. He lifted the horn-rimmed glasses to his face, settling them on his long wolfy snout, then straightened his yellow-striped tie.

This disguise ought to get me in the front door. A damn sight easier than standing out here shouting, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!”

He chuckled at his own foolishness. Of course, he’d been a young wolf back then, and full of himself. He’d been so…

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Inside a Writer’s Mind: First Book Blues

Another gem by Destiny

Words of Destiny

Greetings, my fair lovelies! I hope the past week has treated you well, that you found something new to smile about, and you got all the hugs your little heart desired!

For this week’s post, I figured it was about time to bring up the elephant in the room.


(Painting by Jen Callahan)

I…I like to write. *gasps* Shocker, right? Yeah, yeah, you already knew. You mind reader, you! Well, how about we go deeper then? How about we talk about…first manuscripts? *gasps again* Mind you, I’m no writing genius and can openly say that grammar is ever the thorn in my side, but who knows! Maybe there is a tiny nugget of encouragement you can pull away from this. If not, I hope you at least get a smile out of it.

When I started drafting my first novel, I thought it was gonna be easy. That’s right, I…

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