The Traveler’s Journey

*I am pleased to share the first part of a short story series from my dear friend, Brittany N. Gathing. Check out her website, follow her on twitter and enjoy the story.

The Traveler’s Journey part one by Brittany N. Gathing

“Let the celebration commence,” the chief called out for everyone in a three-span radius to hear. The drumming started, and as he began to dance, he made his way to me. He was a large man, so his dance moves were as graceful as a baby elephant splashing in a puddle, but he managed to make it look like a dance made just for him. When he made it over to me, he scooped me up in his large arms and squeezed me until I couldn’t breathe.  “My little girl has grown up so fast,” he said, stroking my hair and squeezing me tighter. Read More

A Different Man

“Are you ready?” The Security Guard asked.

“Are you?” The Old Man replied with a lifted brow.

The Guard nodded.

“I’m gonna be hauling ass out there,” The Old Man stated. “You make sure you get everyone out the door as soon as I pull up. I’ll honk the horn. I don’t wanna be out there with God-knows-what with my thumb up my ass.”

“Hey! Language.” The Lady smacked The Old Man in the shoulder, then pointed to the Young Girl cowering in the corner.

“Will you guys keep it down?” the Businessman whispered, damn near louder than they were talking. “They’ll hear you.” Read More

The Devil in the Snow

A platoon ascended a hill that hadn’t been walked over in some time. The prints in the snow were of the soldiers and their horses only. They were headed toward a castle that had been abandoned for hundreds of years now. But report after report stated that people had been missing and were taken to the old Cecil Keep, the last standing tower of the Oakland Castle. But they didn’t call it the Cecil Keep these days, it was known as… Read More

Enigma III: The Riddler

*Disclaimer II. Fan Fiction. The following is inspired by the true story of a fictional character. I didn’t make him up. Someone else did. I just put twenties on it.*

Read part I, part II

Read More


*Disclaimer. This is fan fiction. This is not my world. I’m just showing my guy some love. My favorite bad guy.
P.S.-Don’t sue me, I’m broke.* Read More