A Date With Grace

Love a clean short story with a happy ending. Jodi Jensen does it again! Must Read

Jodi Jensen Writes

“Gracie Potter? Is that you?”

Grabbing the side of her long, flowing skirt, Grace
gave a brief curtsey as she scanned the sea of familiar faces, trying to see
who’d called out.

“All right, folks, next up for bid we have a date with

She smiled and waved as the crowd erupted in applause,
pleased with the turnout for the charity auction. The small, historic opera
house was bursting at the seams.

“Where are we taking her?” a man shouted above the

The announcer held up two tickets. “To the rodeo, then
the carnival after.” He glanced in her direction and grinned. “Who wants to
start the bidding?”

“A hundred dollars!”


“One seventy-five!”

Voice after voice rang out in rapid succession, and
suddenly, the bids were up to four hundred.

“Going once…”

“Five hundred dollars!”

Grace searched the faces in the back of the room, her

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Obliteration, Part Three: The Cabin

One of my favorite short story series. Must read!

Jodi Jensen Writes

To read Part One: City on Fire, click here

To read Part Two: The Bunker, click here

Abby’s arms ached.
Her daily jogs had done nothing to prepare her for carrying a thirty-five-pound
sleeping toddler all night over rough terrain. As dawn broke, she shifted her
son yet again and stifled a yawn.

stopped abruptly in front of her. “Look,” he pointed down the slope at a
half-dozen red rooftops peeking through the pine trees.

stood watching a moment, but didn’t see any signs of life.

you think it’s safe?” Abby whispered.

brought the rifle to his shoulder. “Only one way to find out. C’mon.”

trailed behind her husband, her heart thudding as they got closer to the
collection of cabins. With every step, leaves crunched underfoot, making her
cringe, but still nothing stirred. Even the birds were silent.

glanced back, then nodded at…

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Written in the Stars


Words of Destiny

Okay…so it’s been forever. *insert excuse—NOPE! No excuses. Why? Because I have none. I’ve somehow let this little thing called writing get away from me. But see…it’s not little. In fact, it’s huge! Huge for my mind, huge for my spirit, huge just all around.

**Heads up, no idea where this post is going, other than in a very honest and transparent direction. If that’s not really your jam, I TOTALLY get it. Hop on outta’ here if you need.**

Writing is so much more than a daily sit at the computer, contemplating the next story, character, or plot point. It’s freedom. At least, it always has been for me anyway. Writing is an escape; that moment of breath in the midst of an otherwise chaotic world. And, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way: pent up, eager to smash down walls and rebuild cities…

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Obliteration, Part Two: The Bunker

Some wonderful storytelling right here.
Here is part two of Obliteration by my wonderful, talented friend, Jodi Jensen.

Jodi Jensen Writes

To read Part One: City on Fire, click here

Abby grabbed the
handle above her window as Lance turned off the pavement at the first dirt road
they came to.

he muttered as he hit the brakes. “Look.”

see it.” Her hopes fell at the sight of the heavy, locked metal gate blocking
their way.

it, I’m going.” Lance backed up, floored the gas and rammed the gate, but it
was stronger than it looked. He’d barely made a dent. “Get in back with the

climbed over the seat and buckled herself in right next to the car seat. She
kissed Eric’s forehead, then met Lance’s gaze in the rearview mirror. “Ready.”

time he backed up all the way to the pavement. “Hold on!” He slammed it into
gear and gunned it. When they hit the gate, it bounced off the grill guard and

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