Deep Space 2

Deep Space 2

Deep Space 2: An Adventure into Science Fiction
Published by Black Hare Press

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Travel through the universe discovering the possibilities of the unknown, explore the infinite worlds of the future, and of alternate timelines. Seven talented authors bring you a dynamic collection of science fiction and space epics in one amazing collection.
featuring “The Space Tape” by M. Sydnor Jr.
These days, winning the lottery isn’t about money. It’s about travel. Space travel.

Four lucky citizens strike it rich with the first ever civilian launch into
space. The tour includes a trip to the International Space Station and a lovely
stroll on the moon.
Accompanied by three astronauts, the team must overcome their different social
backgrounds to succeed in their mission, but while struggling to work together,
they lose contact with Earth, and crash on the moon.
The mission turns into a deadly game of survival—from each other, and the
awaiting creatures.

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