A Love Letter to Storytelling ~ Imperfect Girl

Message to all writers

The Cerebral Hedonist

We as writers, as creators are fragile creatures.

We often are mentally set apart because our minds venture far away from the status quo whether that be the American dream of working until our hard labors bear moderate fruit or the Japanese ideal of being a respectable and productive member of society. We are divided from the world by our imaginations and our need to share the worlds in a bid to give meaning to what makes us different and most importantly, share what we love.

We want to make everyone feel what we feel.

Some of us have it come easily. Some of us can’t quite grasp it. All of us work tirelessly until our eyes are stressed by the fluorescent lights and our wrists are crippled by carpal tunnel. Some of us get there. Some of us are still trying. None of us ever stop.

However, we all…

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Kindness: is it dead?

Words of Destiny

Hi, lovelies! Welcome to week one of my words and ranting, so glad you decided to pop by! Before we jump in, allow me to give you a fair heads up on a few things:

  • I am a die-hard supporter of the LGBTQ community as I myself live by the B. If this bothers you, I ask that you head ‘em up and move on out!
  • I use far too many exclamations marks, sorry not sorry!!
  • I am a lover not a fighter, unless I see someone being mistreated, in which case, I WILL summon my inner tigress and lay you out. Got it? Good. Let’s be nice here guys.

Sweet! With that out of the way, let’s get this show on the road, eh? 🙂

So, I spent some time thinking on where to start, given the list of topics I aim to cover on my page. Almost instantly…

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Excerpt: The Angry Whore of the Sea

I am pleased to share with you guys a preview of my new book The Angry Whore of the Sea (January 10, 2019), a pirate tale about survival, honor and bravery. Oh, and sharks. 

This is chapter 1. Enjoy!!!

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Episode 1: Moyna X

‘The Legend’ is a prequel to the YA novel The Legends of the World — it covers Etos’ 90-year journey to find a new home world.

It is a short story series created by M. Sydnor Jr., written by multiple authors.

Episode 1: Moyna X

written by M. Sydnor Jr.

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The Fluff King

-here’s a fun story I did back in 2014 (in one sitting) for my friend’s daughter. Enjoy 🙂 Read More