Short Stories

Big BrotherScreenshot_20190702-070135_PicsArt

I Am The TerrorPicsArt_05-13-09.25.39A broken man seeks revenge.

Rinse, Revenge & RepeatScreenshot_20190425-004454_Google[120]The love-hate relationship between a mother and daughter.

Fanaticrealistic fast police car chases the car, vector illustrationA man leads the police in a high-speed chase for a good reason.

Haunted by her late family, Tiffany tries to loosen up at her surprise birthday party.

The Gold Hole in the Green Sea
In a post-apocalyptic world, a man finds a treasure buried in a magical forest that will change his family’s lives.

The Table
Man has awkward dinner with his girlfriend’s parents.

BaitAkeP7After the death of their son, a family escapes the city for peace and safety in the woods. They were wrong.

Here: a 1k word storyIcy Cliff Near WaterfallA young man tells the story of how he and his girlfriend fell from an icy cliff.

The Fluff King99655363-0d1a-4e3a-a2aa-831857f95aa8Even during the zombie apocalypse, a young girl’s relationship with her teddy bear is unbreakable.

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