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The Gold Hole in the Green Sea

The last of his cattle died this morning. Food would be gone by the end of the week. No money. No transportation. Times were tough. Hell, times were shit. The last bit of milk fed the baby, she’d been hollering all morning. It was…


The new house brought a smile to her face. A mien that had been drowning in sorrow for months. Eyes that were more wet than dry. A walk that was more drag than swag. But, Alicia had reason to smile now. This new house—not…

HERE: a 1k word story

I planned to just ditch her out there, ya know. Leave her in the snow to think about what she’d done. For how she’d embarrassed me. How she’d wronged me. How she’d CHEATED. I didn’t want to confront her. Didn’t expect her to confess….

The Fluff King

-here’s a fun story I did back in 2014 (in one sitting) for my friend’s daughter. Enjoy 🙂