M. Sydnor Jr.



Novels Year Publisher
City Snatchers (The Legends of the World, book two) 2020 M. Sydnor Jr.
Bullies, Gangsters and Dragons (The Legends of the World, book one) 2017 M. Sydnor Jr.
Novellas Year Publisher
The Burning Sword (A Pirate Song, Book II) 2021 M. Sydnor Jr.
The Angry Whore of the Sea (A Pirate Song, book I) 2019 M. Sydnor Jr.
Thirty 2017 M. Sydnor Jr.
Dawn of ‘The Nessa’ 2013 M. Sydnor Jr.
The Man in the Crowd 2012 M. Sydnor Jr.
Anthologies/Collections Year Publisher
Nothing is Natural 2020 M. Sydnor Jr.
Greed (Seven Deadly Sins, book 5) 2020 Black Hare Press
Sloth (Seven Deadly Sins, book 3) 2020 Black Hare Press
Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, book 2) 2020 Black Hare Press
Pride (Seven Deadly Sins, book 1) 2020 Black Hare Press
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