Why Banning Book Buying Just Isn’t Working For Me

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I’ve made a bajillion self-deprecating jokes about how I can’t be contained, about how poor my self control is, about how much money I spend on books, and … all of that is true.

I began the year off with a new rule: for every 5 books I read, I could buy a new one, and it worked relatively well for, um… a month and a half? So not very well at all.

I told my best friend about it, and she backed me up, and asked: how are you going to keep yourself accountable? And I glibly replied, “I’ll be accountable to you!” and then proceeded to hide my book purchases from her and justify myself every time I broke my promise. It just seems that banning myself and restricting myself just really does not work.

Now, I really ought not to have been buying books during January and…

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Bird Box vs. A Quiet Place

Bird Box or A Quiet Place?

Words of Destiny

Hi again, loveliest loves in the land! I hope you have been well. Been taking care of yourself? Drinking enough water? Making sure to rest? Good, I’m so glad to hear it!

So, for this post I decided to step into debate world. *gasps* I know, I know, it’s a risky step! The question at hand: which is the superior film, A Quiet Place or Bird Box? Now that I’ve had the pleasure of watching both, I’m ready to dive into this dark abyss.

Fright Factor

Let’s start with the predictable bit, which film is more frightening. Navigating through a hellish world with no sight or an inability to make sound? Now, while this really comes down to one’s personal fears, I argue the latter.

While not being able to see where you’re going sounds like a total pain in the ass, I think it’s a much easier issue to…

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